The Best (and worst) Hairstyles for Running

When I first started running, I couldn’t wait to be the girl in the cute outfit with my ponytail swishing back and forth with each step.

medium_2593882681photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

I have mastered the cute outfit but nobody warned me about the ponytail.  No one told me it would smack me in the face.  Or that it is never perfectly centered so it makes me feel like I’m running crooked.  Or that I would need a new hair elastic every other time so it won’t fall out.  As I try to figure out what is going to work best, I will discuss the pros and cons of my current options:

1. The classic ponytail:

Pros: the easiest hairstyle of all, cute, keeps away bugs as it swishes back and forth

Cons: see my rant above

2. The low ponytail:

Pros: also an easy hair-do, stays pretty secure, doesn’t bounce around

Cons: not as cute (at least in my opinion), hard to re-do if you have headphones on, let’s your hair stick to your neck and back when it’s hot out

3. A bun: (First came to my attention as an option when I watched Scandal and saw Olivia Pope go for a run with her hair in a bun)

Pros: it almost feels like you have no hair, no swishing ponytail

Cons: Takes more effort, will fill out unless very secure, nearly impossible to fix while running

4. A French braid:

Pros: stays pretty secure, hair is out of your face, now swishing

Cons: takes more effort, traps in all the heat

5. Headbands:

Pros: keeps hair out of your face, cute

Cons: HEADACHES, can anyone actually use one without it slipping off your head???

6. Shaving off all my hair: This is most tempting in the middle of a run on a hot day.

Pros: It would feel so much cooler (temperature wise), no muss, no fuss

Cons: I don’t need to match haircuts with my boyfriend, you don’t have any other styling options, very hard to grow out


I still haven’t decided what my best option is. Maybe I need a haircut too but that involves more decisions!  Lately I’ve been going with a low ponytail and enduring the sweat.

How do you wear your hair when you run?  Any ideas other than what I listed? Please?!?