Time for a trip!

Since the half marathon I’ve been for one run. It felt great but I just haven’t gotten the motivation to get myself up to go in the mornings. My life is in a bit of a limbo right now so I’m not worried about starting a training plan or anything any time soon. It will happen when it happens. I know I will keep up with the running because I always feel better when I am running regularly.
Now for the fun stuff! I’m flying down to Austin, TX today! (As in, I am typing this on my phone at an airport bar!) It is Austin Startup Week and there are events all week long with a career fair on Monday. I also have an interview set up for Tuesday! It’s a contract position but it is for a great company and I think it’s a fantastic opportunity. It’s actually with the company I had two phone interviews with but didn’t get an in person interview. When they sent me the email saying they would keep my resume on file I didn’t believe it. Then I got a call about this position asking if I was interested! I need to find out more details before I know if I really want to take it or if I should keep looking but so far it seems like a perfect way to get my foot in the door!
The week will be a good chance to check out Austin and make sure I like it since the move might happen sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to check out all the companies and things the city has to offer. While I’m here, my sister-in-law gave me a free week pass to her gym so I’ll have to try a few classes or hop on the treadmill! My sneakers are one of the first things I packed in my bag!
One of the things I will have to get used to in Austin is the “dress code”. When I called Alex about what I should pack for the week she told be a nice pair of jeans would be good for the interview! WHAT?!? I guess I’m not used to the casual startup atmosphere that they have in Austin. I’m going to wear business casual like I would usually do because I would rather be overdressed. I figure once I get the job or get a better feel for it I can adjust!
Keep your fingers crossed for me this week! Hopefully I’ll have some good news to post soon!

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