Moving on…

Most social media accounts tend to be a highly edited view into someone’s life, showing all the highlights but rarely the lows.  I want this blog to be a perfectly honest account of my life so I know this post is necessary.  I couldn’t write about it right away because I didn’t want to publish anything that I might later regret.  Anyways, after dating for over six years I broke up with my boyfriend when I found out he cheated on me.

When I found out, I was obviously VERY angry.  To betray someone’s trust like that is just inexcusable.  But aside from the anger, I am actually very excited about what the future has in store for me!  It was like the world opened up to me.  Since we graduated college and were both living at home, I could tell we were growing apart.  I think we realized we have different goals and values and that is what started pushing us apart.  That’s not an excuse for why he did it but I think it’s why I have been able to handle it so well.  I would like to take this time to thank my family and friends for being the most loving and supportive people in the entire world, especially Teresa (the sister running the half marathon with me).

Now that I have had some time to adjust, I’m ready to move on… quite literally.  I’ve been living at home with my parents since I graduated, wanting to move out but thinking I would wait to move out with him.  Now that I have no strings attached I have decided I am going to move to Austin, TX.  From what I have heard, it is an awesome place to live.  My brother has been living there for a year and has told me how much I will love it.  An active, outdoorsy city with no blizzards or polar vortexes.  What more could I ask for?  I’m going to visit at least once and wait until I have a job before I make the official move but I don’t think the Northeast has much more to offer me at this point in time.

So, how has the running been going?

Well, the week before this happened was fantastic!  I stopped at the running store to see what they had to say about nutrition.  I did my long run that Sunday using Gu for the first time and had a really great run (minus the torrential downpour in the middle).

The week after that I didn’t run at all.  I am apparently the opposite of an emotional eater and found it pretty difficult to run while not eating so much.  The next week, I started to get back in a little bit with two shorter runs.

This past week was much better.  I went for 3 decent runs during the week.  On Saturday, I want for a hike and LONG walk with a friend from high school that I hadn’t talked to in years but reached out when she heard about my breakup.  It has been so good catching up with her and I can tell we are definitely going to friends again from here on out!  I tried to get back into the long runs this Sunday but the weirdest thing happened and I don’t know why.  As I started running, my upper legs got so itchy I couldn’t even stand it.  I tried to tell myself it was mind over matter and push through.  After a mile with clenched fists and visible scratches on my legs, I knew I had to turn around and get a Benadryl at home.  Once the benadryl kicked in, the itching stopped.  I was mentally ready to try the run again but it felt like my body was filled with lead so I just napped in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

Thankfully, I went into training knowing that the training plan is really just the ideal plan.  Life gets in the way and you have to adjust.  I’m going to have to put in some serious work in the next few weeks and I’m a little nervous for the half marathon.  In the end though,  I’m doing it for fun and to be able to say I could.  If I can’t run the whole thing this time, who cares?  I can always train for another one!

Bonus:  I got a new phone finally so I can track my runs again and listen to music!!!!

9 thoughts on “Moving on…

    • Thanks! I got a certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I’m not due for an upgrade until next year so that was the best way to do it for me but so far it is working really well!

      • Awesome!! I just had an upgrade to the iPhone 5s. I was probably one of the happiest lady’s ever when I got the message on my phone.

  1. Sorry about the breakup – and you are right that it IS inexcusable (at least I think so) … but what you say about how quickly you got past it resonates. My wife talks about how she was dating a guy through much of college, and after a while nobody knew WHY anymore … so when they broke up she was basically like ‘meh’ and moved on … 🙂

    And we just passed our 22nd anniversary … my advice is never settle … you deserve what is right for you, not what seems to be ‘good enough’ or what others are pressuring (ie. timelines for marriage, house, baby, etc).

    Good luck in Austin – only heard good things about it, that as a Boston-born person it would be one of the few non-New England places I would really like. 🙂

  2. You’ve earned my respect off the first sentence of this post.

    Continue to do what makes you happy. Sounds like you have an excellent support system with friends and family. Embrace them and like you said…move on my dear!

  3. My husband and I separated earlier this summer after being together for 10 years. There was an equally cruel, although different, betrayal of trust – I can completely relate to what you’re going through. Running, both the activity and the social aspect of the running group, has been integral in my moving on and becoming whole again. Although reality sucks and kicks me in the gut every so often, I, too, am equally enthralled at the possibilities that lie ahead. Sometimes having nothing really is having everything 🙂 Good luck with the move!

  4. How’s the running and the moving going? I love your attitude on the break-up, I too feel that cheating is 100% inexcusable. Good for you for looking towards your future! Keep your head up!

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