10 Day You Challenge- Day 1

Yesterday, I was checking out Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles and I saw a 10 Day You Challenge that she was in the middle of doing.  Each day has a different topic.  I really liked the idea so I figured, why not?

10-day-you-challengeDay 1: 10 Secrets

Since I haven’t really shared too much about myself most of these end up just being facts about myself.  I’ll at least try to keep it interesting!

  1. If I was a boy, I would have been named Julius.  Im sure someone can pull that name off, but it would not have been the male version of me!
  2. My brother used to call me “Rellie-belly-ping-pong-jelly” and it made me insanely angry.  So he would call me it again…
  3. When I started high school, my mom told me I had to do a school sport.  Since I wouldn’t make any of the other teams my only options were cheerleading or cross-country.  At that point, there was no way I would be caught dead running so I chose cheerleading.  I ended up being captain during my junior and senior years!
  4. I collect pins from all the places I visit.  I have them all on a hat I got when I got my first pin at “Our Chalet” in Switzerland.
  5. I was a Girl Scout from kindergarten through senior year of high school.  I even got my Gold Award!
  6. I am really good at learning the words to songs, especially raps.  But don’t ask for a demonstration until I have a few drinks in me!
  7. I built a hovercraft out of plywood, a trap, and a leafblower for a science fair in 7th grade.
  8. I can crochet and knit.  The first thing I actually made when I knew how to knit was a sweater.
  9. I can play the piano.  I took lessons for around 6-7 years when I was younger.  I don’t play much now but every once in a while I will!
  10. If I am going to run in the morning, I will sometimes sleep in my running outfit so I have one less excuse to not get it done!

So, anyone else have any good secrets?

13 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge- Day 1

  1. No secret, but I read your blog every day and think you’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the hard work Rellie! I also saw your Iggy post, and expect to hear some serious rapping next time i’m in Ct now that I know about your lyrical skills.

  2. haha on your brother chiming in!
    – names are interesting, for our older son we didn’t know gender so had both names, but for our younger son we needed even more ultrasounds so we ended up finding out unintentionally …

    – Love the sleeping in your running outfit … never done it but that is hilarious. Sometimes it is whatever it takes!

    I loved doing the 10-day challenge myself – I did it 10 days straight and it was exhausting!

    • I figured if I’m going to sleep in a t-shirt and shorts anyways, what is the point of changing in the morning into another t-shirt and another pair of shorts?
      I’ve been trying to brainstorm ahead for some of the upcoming days. Some of them will be tough!

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