Week 4 of Half Marathon Training

Maybe it’s because I ended on a high note… but this week was so much more enjoyable than last week!

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run, It was insanely humid.  I cramped up and the air felt heavy so it was harder to breath.  I ended up having to walk a good portion of it.  At first, this run felt miserable and I felt like I was nowhere near where I should be for my training.  I was beating myself up for not doing enough.  Then something clicked in my head and I used all of that to motivate me to work even harder.  To make this run feel productive, I threw sprints into the walking whenever I could.  When I got home, I did planks, other ab stuff, squats, lunges, calf raises until I HAD to get ready.

Wednesday: I’ve been a little worked up about following exactly what the training plan says counts as cross training but that has just ended with me skipping it altogether.  Today, I decided I didn’t care anymore and did yoga for the first time in forever.  I found this video of yoga for runners.  It was only 20 minutes long but it felt amazing.  Definitely going to be adding more yoga into the mix.

Thursday: 3.5 mile run (maybe longer?)  I haven’t been running with the tracker on my phone lately since I can only get enough power out of it to provide me with music so I don’t know exactly how far it ended up being.  I did run farther than Tuesday though!  It was much cooler which makes running feel so much better.  I was also able to slow myself down so that I could run the whole thing.  When I got home I was ravenous.  I think I ate enough to count for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I did a little ab work, squats, lunges, calf raises and then had to get ready to go.

Friday:  This was a rest day, but not running related,  I went out to a fantastic dinner with my boyfriend.  We went to The Spread in South Norwalk (SoNo).  I had the chupacabra to drink which I loved because I love anything with mint and lime in it.  For dinner I had ricotta gnocchi that was melt in my mouth delicious.  For dessert we got the apple fritters and those were heavenly.  If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest you go.  I know I will definitely be going back.  And probably bringing everyone I know.

I was probably in such a hurry to devour this that I didn't notice this was blurry!

I was probably in such a hurry to devour this that I didn’t notice this was blurry!

Mascarpone cheesecake and heavenly apple fritters.

Mascarpone cheesecake and heavenly apple fritters.

Saturday:  Supposed to be cross training but I ended up doing a tiny bit of strength training and calling it a day.

Sunday:  Have you heard about how fabulous this run was?  I think it is becoming even better in my mind as the time passes since I first raved about it here.  A little bunny with a poufy white tail hopped across a dirt road right in front of me.  The only thing to complain about… when I first started, I was stalkerish distance behind a woman who was trying to run with her two dogs.  I could just see her up the road but never got close enough to pass her.  But what bothered me was how she was letting the dogs rule her run.  I could tell she could have been running really fast but the dogs were pulling her all over the place.  They pulled her over both sides of the road, stopped when they wanted, and kept getting their leashes tangled up.  I don’t know how she did it because I would have been so frustrated if I were her!

Four weeks done!  I can’t believe it!  Next week kicks up the mileage a little (half a mile on the regular runs and a mile on the long run).  After today’s run I’m actually feeling excited for it!  Yay!


9 thoughts on “Week 4 of Half Marathon Training

  1. Awesome work! I didn’t do tons of cross training for my first half and I did fine! It was hotter than heck which I wasn’t expecting so that made it harder but still good!
    I will say tho since I started throwing in some cycling my running has improved!

      • Oh I don’t have a good bike! I just truck along with my mountain bike from high school like 10+ years ago that weighs probably 10lbs….I just keep telling myself it’s a better work out for me lol

      • You know what, I think I still have a mountain bike tucked away in the shed. The tires are probably horribly flat but maybe I’ll bring it out this week! Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  2. haha I had to laugh about the dogs! There is a young couple down the road with two dogs they got as pups who are now each 60+lbs and they work really hard with them on pulling.

    Great week – and I wouldn’t stress so much about getting ‘the correct’ cross-training, so long as you are mixing up activities! Your running looks to be going great!

    • Thanks! I’m usually very by-the-book which is why I tried to stay with the “correct” cross-training but I’ve been realizing it doesn’t matter so much!

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