Week 3 of Half Marathon Training

Instead of saying what I should have done this week and how I didn’t do exactly that, I think it’s really only worth saying what I actually did.  Otherwise, I won’t realize how much I actually did and just beat myself up about it!

Monday: Making up for missing the long run on Sunday… I did the big loop plus a little extra so it was almost 3.5 miles.  I got nervous about getting home with enough time before I had to leave otherwise I think I would have gone further.

Tuesday: Pretty much the same thing as Monday.

Wednesday: Nothing… Figured I would rest up so the plantar fasciitis didn’t get worse.  I was also starting to feel sick so it was good to take it easy for that too.

Thursday:  Did the big loop again.  I added a little to the loop again but this time I added it earlier on, in a spot I haven’t run yet.  It was nice having the add-on earlier because it made the rest seem shorter.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I ran the 5 mile loop with my sister!  My phone is completely dead at this point so I had no music.  I haven’t gone for a real run with Teresa yet so it was interesting.  She likes to push when going up hill to keep up her momentum but I like to take it easier so I don’t have any asthma.  We were able to stay pretty even for most of it but towards the end I had to back off.  I also didn’t eat enough before the run and had to walk the last mile.  Afterwards, I made sure to stretch really well and now I feel pretty good.  I’m a little nervous for this week coming up as the mileage increases again.

This week I did a good job of not trying to go too fast.  Keeping my pace steadier let me run for longer without walking.  I want to keep that up next week.  I also need to focus on the strength training this week.  If I plan out tonight exactly what I am going to do this week I will be more likely to stick to it!

Another week down, and that much closer!  It wasn’t my best week but I got it done and I’m moving on to the next one.

***Now that I just reread this before posting it, I have to say it is a week worth being proud of.  I think this week was my highest mileage ever and did my longest run ever for the second time.  Negative feeling=gone.

10 thoughts on “Week 3 of Half Marathon Training

  1. It’s such a great feeling to hit a new distance record. I just realized your half is a week after mine, so we are probably at about the same point in our training. It’s getting hard, but so exciting and rewarding too. Keep it up!!

    • It is a little nerve-wracking that pretty much each week from here on out is going to be a new distance record but it is really exciting too! Good luck on your training!

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