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  1. Superb post on Asthma and running.
    As someone that used to suffer from asthma (from one years old, to 15 years old) I know the hellish nature of this condition.
    Despite now being asthma-free, I still can recall — and empathize with — any asthma sufferer.
    I urge anyone reading your post, to overcome any fears they may have of possibly aggravating their condition, and to follow your safety guidelines; to ultimately begin to — progressively — exercise.
    The only true — and also initially not so comfortable — method to fight/ control asthma, is through exercise.
    Thank you for writing this post.

    • Thank you! That’s a good point too… progressively. I started off slowly and pushed myself a little more each time. But at the beginning it was a lot of walking as I built up my strength and endurance!

  2. It’s hard because you want to mentally do something, but the Asthma seems intent to be a jerk about things 🙂
    I took up sports, and slowly built myself up. At first, it was a case of wheezing every few minutes, but over time, things improved.
    I eventually became a boxer, then fight choreographer as an adult; so there’s hope for everyone!
    Reading your post really took me down a lane of memories. It was nice to look back, and see where I was with my asthma, to where I am now.
    A truly meaningful post. Thank you.

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