Week 2 of Half Marathon Training

Another week completed!

Monday- Stretch and Strength: I did abs and legs for strength training.  For stretching, I found a video online of a guided stretch.  Some of the stretches were good but it didn’t cover everything so I did some more stretching after the video.

Tuesday- 3 mile run: I ran the big loop, nothing special.

Wednesday- 2 mile run or cross train:  This week I went for a swim instead of the run.  We have a pool in our backyard so I didn’t have to go anywhere but it took a while to get the cover off and skim the top to get all the bugs out.  I did a combination of swimming laps and some pool running for 20 minutes.  I was more tired than I expected to be but I also haven’t been swimming much so I guess that makes sense.

Thursday- 3 mile run + strength:  I went for my run in the morning.  When I finished, the distance ended up being exactly 5k.  It was exciting for me that I was able to do a 5k early in the morning as a part of my half marathon training after taking all summer last year to work up to that.  I didn’t leave myself enough time to do strength training that morning so I told myself I would do it later.  I ended up going out that night with my boyfriend and my sister so I never got the strength training in.  Whoops!

Friday- Rest:  It felt awesome to wake up in the morning knowing I have been running for a year, even if I didn’t run this day.  It was a miserably rainy 4th of July and I spent most of it in the car driving up to Boston.

Saturday- cross train: I walked around Boston all day with my sister (the one who will be doing the half marathon with me).  We were carrying our backpacks with us since we were meeting up with our other friends later.  We walked miles and miles and were wearing sandals so by the time we were done we were exhausted.  We just count it as going above and beyond for cross training!

Sunday- 4 mile run: We stayed at our friends’ house Saturday night and were in no mood to get up early for a run so we didn’t.  We all went out and the boat and hung out at the beach all day.  We knew we would get home way too late to get the run in then so we went for a walk on the beach and are counting that as cross training.  I figured I will switch the days around so Wednesday’s cross training actually happened Sunday, the long run happened on Monday, and Monday’s stretch and strength will happen on Wednesday.

To keep us motivated through the weeks to come we have decided to do something race related each week.  This week we are going to officially register and book ourselves a hotel room.  Some of the other weeks we are going to pick out our race day outfits, plan out where we will go out to eat after the race, figure out what family and friends will come cheer us on, etc.  

Any suggestions for what we can add to our list?


4 thoughts on “Week 2 of Half Marathon Training

  1. I have weird diet restrictions, so I can never eat the food post race. I always make a bag of healthy stuff to help me recover post-race and always plan to bring a fun treat to celebrate finishing 🙂

    • Good idea! I don’t usually eat out so doing it for a whole weekend while running a half marathon could be interesting. Bringing stuff from home will help a lot so I’ll add that to our to-do list!

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