Exercise Safety – Tip #1 – Breathing

Whether you have asthma or not, breathing is so important to remember when you are exercising! Your muscles need all the oxygen they can get to keep them powering your workouts!

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Whether you have decided to join a gym for the first time or you have been doing so for a while… many of us dismiss or simply forget some very essential basics that can determine the results of our workoutssuch as proper breathing.

Reasons :

  • prevent any injuries to our bodies
  • provideadequate oxygen /blood flowto muscles, brain, heart, etc.
  • better concentration/ focus
  • less muscle exhaustion providing for a longer and better workout
  • better results
  • may help reduce stress

Tips to know:

  • flexing motion (concentric)- breathe out

example: during a bicep curl:When you begin to flex your bicep and bring the weights up (concentric action- against gravity),

breathe out.

  • relaxed motion (eccentric)- breathe in

example: As you begin to bring the weightback down (eccentric action – towards gravity) you breathe in.

  • cardio- thereare many different breathing techniques one can use during a cardio routine.
    Example: One…

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