A Lesson to Always Keep My Phone Charged

Earlier this week, I got home from babysitting ready to go for a run.  The only problem: my phone was about to die and it was charging at a snail’s pace.  I had to go for a run without my music source or run tracker.

I didn’t mind not knowing how far I had run.  By this point I have done the loop so many times I pretty much know the distances.  I didn’t mind too much not knowing how long I had been running.  I knew I could log the run in after to find out my pace.

What I missed most on this run was my music.  Having music lets me completely zone out while I run.  It keeps me pumped up to keep going.  It distracts me when I get tired.  It makes my runs fun!

With the silence, I actually had to pay attention to what I was doing.  I started to really notice my technique.  I know that is supposed to be a good thing but it was just so much work!  I ended up running the loop a bit slower than usual.  I guess that is ok if I was running it with better form.

Moving forward, I will consider leaving my phone at home every once in a while so I can improve my technique, not just my endurance.  Most of the time though, it will be coming with me because my playlists are the best!  Now I just have to make sure I keep it charged enough to take with me!


6 thoughts on “A Lesson to Always Keep My Phone Charged

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to run without music just to have some time to think too! I haven’t noticed an improvement in technique between running with or without music, but that’s an interesting observation! I thought I’d hate running without music, but some of my best runs have been without music and alone or without music and with another runner or two. 🙂 Sometimes you need those awesome playlists for those long runs though!

    • Very true! I used to only run with my dog thinking I would hate it without him but I actually like it better without him now. Maybe the same thing will happen with music!

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