New summer, new goal

I’m back!  After the miserable combination of asthma and a polar vortex kept me inside most of the winter, I was excited to hit the road again once it warmed up.  I started pretty much back at the beginning and relied heavily on my walking breaks.  Muscle memory is a beautiful thing.  Before I knew it I was able to go out and just RUN!

I liked the process of training for the 5k last summer so I decided I needed to train for something again.  I found a plan I was comfortable with and opted for a half marathon!  When my brother got engaged last year I told his fiancée I would run a half marathon with her before the wedding.  They got married last weekend and none of us were even close to running a half marathon but I think it gave me the inspiration for this year.

Since I started training, I have been following a training plan I found on the running app I use.  I am almost 6 weeks into the 23-week plan, running every other day.  I went to the running store for new sneakers and they told me about a website to check out for a great plan.  The plan is only 12-weeks long so I was a little hesitant at first. 

I checked to see what half marathons there are around the end of the plan.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is in Philly on Sept 22, a race my sister really wants to do.  After bombarding her with all my plans I got her to agree to it.  Tomorrow starts the new plan!  We have 13 weeks until the race so I’m adding an extra week towards the end before the taper.  My sister is going back to college so she is going to add the week right when she goes back to school as a slower week since she knows she will be very busy and going out a lot. 

I’ve been feeling great since I started running again and I can’t wait to see what I can do training this summer!


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