MNB Week 3 Recap!

I completed the challenge!  This past week, the last week, was BELIEVE.

Monday’s challenge was to spoil yourself.  I went out to dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day.  We decided to split dessert and had the most amazing s’mores cheesecake.  YUM!

Tuesday was to take 5 mindful minutes.  I would like to make meditation part of my morning routine but it hasn’t been happening because my mornings have been too hectic.  I’m still working on making it a morning priority.  For the challenge I was able to spend some time at the end of my day before bed.

Wednesday’s challenge was to show your happy place!  I was going to post a picture of the nursing home that I have been volunteering at but I forgot to get a picture.  Instead, I posted a picture from the summer of myself after a run, cuddling with my puppy.  I love the warm weather and you can’t help but feel happy cuddling with a puppy!

Thursday was Thankful Thursday.  The weather was actually warm enough to clear a lot of the ice from the road so I went for a run.  Definitely something to be thankful for after the extreme cold and snow!  I also am thankful for all my family and friends among other great things in my life!

And the last day… Friday’s challenge was to share the love and shout out your #1 supporter/motivator.  Although there are many other people who do support me, the #1 is obviously my mom!

The facebook event link:

I am so excited I was able to post a photo for each day of the challenge!  The challenge may be over but I am going to spend this next week trying to incorporate all three (move, nourish, and believe).  When I moved on from one week to the next, I let the previous week’s goals slide.  Hopefully that won’t happen this next week!

There is going to be a Move Nourish Believe Challenge Twitter Party on Wednesday at 8pm EST where the winner will be announced.  It was a great three weeks and I can’t wait to keep up the MNB!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

As always, check out the inspiration at



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