I did it!

Yesterday, I RAN A WHOLE 5k!!!

When I first started training, I got my boyfriend to agree to run the 5k with me.  He is really athletic, has done team sports his whole life and works out all the time.  I went running with him once in the first few weeks I was running but I was still too slow to go with him so I decided I wouldn’t run with him again until race day.  I spent two months getting ready for the race.  The weekend before he decided he should probably go for a run this week (at least longer than a mile).  I know I can’t compete with or compare myself to him but he is great for the support!

Race day came and we showed up to the site nice and early.  It was both of our first road races so neither of us really knew what to do but we got our stuff and pinned our numbers on.  We walked around a little bit to get warmed up and then they called everyone together for the opening ceremonies.  There was the 5k race and a 1 mile family walk going on so they called the 5k group up to the starting line first.  After the national anthem we were off!  The first mile flew by, probably because it was all downhill.  Since Mike (my boyfriend) got to run with me, I had to keep reminding him to slow down.  I didn’t want to go too fast at the beginning and not be able to finish at the end.

Halfway through there was a water station.  I got a cup but I never tried to drink water while running before so when I did try I ended up with a cramp in my side.  We slowed down a bit after that but kept running!  The last part of the race was all uphill so I really slowed down for that.  My chest was starting to get tight when we saw the finish line in the park.  We still had to run up the road and through the entrance of the park before we could cross the line.  Seeing it helped me push through though!  We finally crossed through into the park.  When I saw the clock ticking above the finish line I got an extra boost of adrenaline and sprinted the rest of the way!  I finished my first 5k in just under 32 minutes and I was so excited about it!


That’s us after the race!


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