Two days til the 5k!

At this time on Saturday, I will be able to say I ran a 5k.  Wow!  It’s crazy how fast this summer flew by and crazy to think I finished my training and I’m ready for the race.  I got some more information about the race route and it is going to be “a little hilly.”  Thankfully, I’ve done all my training on the huge hills around my neighborhood.  I’m hoping that my training was “a lot hilly” compared to their “little hilly!”

Now for some fantastic news:  I went to the allergist yesterday for a follow up visit and got a pulmonary function test like I do every time to see how my asthma is controlled.  My lungs are doing fantastic!  And the best way for me to get off of my asthma medications is to keep running!  If I needed any more reassurance to keep it up, this was it!  After specifically avoiding running so many years because of my asthma, I’m so glad I finally decided to just do it and have seen it pay off. 


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