What happens after the 5k?

I feel like there isn’t really anything to write about but I’ll try so I can get in the habit of keeping this going.  I went for my walk yesterday according to my training plan, a little shorter than I was supposed to go but I did the big loop and I’m just getting quicker at it.  Nothing else to really say about it.  I went.  It was fine, nothing special.  I guess the one interesting thing is that it ended up being exactly 3.1 miles.  I’m going for a 2.5 mile run today so I think I might take the same loop.  I’ll do 5 minutes walking to warm up, run 2.5 miles, and then walk the rest of the way (unless I’m feeling really inspired to keep running, but probably not).

Now that I only have a few more weeks left before the 5k, I’ve been thinking about what happens with me and running after I do the race.  I really want to keep it up.  Now the question is if I should train for another race, like a 10k or the half marathon with my brother’s fiancee, or if I should just keep running to stay in shape.  I would like to train for another race but I think life is going to get in the way of that.  I just signed up for an EMT course and applied for a job.  That would mean I would be working full time and then taking the course Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-11pm and a few Saturdays 9-5 for 12 weeks.  I don’t really know when I would be able to fit in running or actually have enough energy to do it.  We’ll see though because maybe I’ve become so addicted that I just have to do it! Maybe I’ll become a morning person and fit it in before work?


5 thoughts on “What happens after the 5k?

  1. It’s great that you’re thinking beyond your first 5k – but remember you don’t have to make any decisions now. Focus on this one. It sounds like your life will get busy but hopefully you can at least run a couple times a week. My guess is you’ll find a race that piques your interest and it doesn’t have to be a longer distance. Every race is unique. It does help to have a long term goal in mind after you finish a race, like the next race. After my first 5k, I did a 6k – in extreme cold. Then I did an 8k – in extreme heat. Then I did a duathlon. Then a triathlon. Next I’m doing a trail race which will be new to me. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy your first race!

    • Now that I’ve found that I actually like running I’m just hoping that life doesn’t get in the way of it! And then of course there is the New England weather that comes with the end of summer! I had mentioned to my brother’s fiancee when I first started running that I might do a half-marathon with her before their wedding in June but I definitely have to see what happens after this race first. Considering I never even saw myself running more than one mile before this summer I’m going to be so excited when I run a full 5k!

  2. When I started running, I finally did my 5K and that was what really made me fall in love with running. To be out there with other people who run, makes all the difference. Good luck.

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