One step closer!

My run yesterday was AWESOME! After 5 minutes of walking to warm up I ran the whole thing (except for the bathroom breaks for the dog)!!! Did I enjoy every moment of it? Absolutely not. My calves hurt, my chest got a little tight, and I was really not loving all the hills along the way. But what matters to me is that I actually did it! I feel so much better now that I will actually be able to run the whole 5k and I’m really excited about that. Some things that I think contributed to my success: I drank lots of water all day long, I ate well all day, and I just kept thinking “why not go just a little bit farther?”

I think I’m going to stop running with the dog. I know it will break his heart when I lace up my sneakers but don’t grab the leash on the way out the door. But I think he is better suited for the walks he takes with my mom than the runs I go on. He loves to sniff around and weaves back and forth which gets to be a problem when he runs into me and almost trips me. He also takes frequent bathroom breaks, which slows down my pace, especially when I want to just keep going. My mom said she has another collar I can try for him to keep him listening but if that doesn’t work I’ll be running on my own from now on!


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