Trying to stick to the plan

I love plans.  I also really love when plans work out.  That is probably why I am struggling right now.  I want to know what I will be doing with the rest of my life, as unrealistic as that is.  I want to know that I will get into medical school so that I start classes this time next year and I want to know where that will be.  Now that I have my primary application in for processing, there isn’t a whole lot more that I can do right now to make that happen. So instead, I will plan for the one thing I do have some control over… my running! 26 days til the 5k!


Usually I run every other day but I have a graduation party this weekend and friends will be staying over so I probably won’t get to run Friday through Sunday.  Instead, I’ll move up the runs and then take the whole weekend off to rest (and enjoy the party!). I’m following a training plan from the RunKeeper app but I’ve been adjusting the dates from the beginning anyways. I’ll also try to add in some yoga on Tuesday because I’ve noticed I really need to add in training other than running to get me to my strongest.

Monday: 2.5 mile run

Wednesday: 50 minute walk/jog

Thursday: 2.5 mile run


This past weekend I ran both Saturday (to make up for the rain on Friday) and Sunday.  I wasn’t particularly thrilled with my run on Saturday but at least I went!  I need a little more motivation to keep pushing myself to run and not take so many walking breaks.  Sunday was intervals (one minute fast, one minute slow).  I tried out a new leash for the dog but it was too short so I kept tripping on him or he kept pulling me too far.  By the time I made it around the loop I hadn’t finished all the intervals I was supposed to do but I couldn’t run with him anymore.  I should have dropped him off at home and kept going for a few more minutes but I just stopped instead.  I might actually try running without the dog this week to see what it’s like since I won’t have him on race day!


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