Favorite things about running… and a training update

Sticking with my training plan, I went for a nice 55 minute walk yesterday and it ending up being almost 4 miles.  Since I have been tracking with RunKeeper, I got a personal best for distance, duration, distance in a week, and elevation climb in a week. It’s nice to see the progress I’m making!  When you go on the RunKeeper website you can see all kinds of graphs based on your runs.  When I only had a few runs under my belt, they weren’t really helpful to show anything but now that I have a lot more it’s fun to see my distances increasing and my paces decreasing!

So now for some of my favorite things about running!  Let’s start before I even get out the door.  One of my favorite things is how excited my dog gets when he knows we are going for a walk/run.  As soon as he sees a pair of sneakers he perks right up and runs all around the house.  He is even starting to recognize my running shorts!  Once you grab the leash you can’t change your mind about heading out because he is chomping at the bit to get going!  As soon as I open the door he runs right out and races around the outside of the house. He meets me just as I get to the tree at the top of the driveway where I put on the leash and take off the electric collar (for the invisible fence).  If only everyone could be that excited to go exercise!

Another thing I love about running is how I keep surprising myself.  A month in and I am still going strong!  One day, I wasn’t feeling great as I drove home from work and almost convinced myself I didn’t need to run but I still went out and had one of my best runs that day!  Another day I had run most of the loop that I take but I was tired so I was walking because I knew the rest of the way back home was uphill.  I guess I had a little extra oomph in me because all of a sudden I’m running again and made it all the way back home!  These little surprises have made running that much more worthwhile. 


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