Habits to make/break

As I go into this last month before the race, there are some bad habits I know I need to fix and good habits to start to keep my training fun and injury free.

  1. Stretch after I run- I know how important stretching is to keep me injury free and yet I always end up plopping down on the couch in front of the tv after a run without stretching.  Moving forward, I need to start incorporating it into my running routine.  I want to make it such a habit that I naturally start doing it instead of having to think about it.  I need to come up with a good list of stretches to do that I can remember each time!
  2. Strength train- In all the research I have done since I started running, I have seen again and again how strength training is great to add for runners.  I’m usually pretty tired after runs and don’t really know where to start so I haven’t done any yet.  I have the Nike Training Club app that has short workouts to do and they target different areas of the body so I think I’ll try to add those either after I run or on days when I don’t go out.
  3. Drink enough water- Another thing I know is so important and there have still been too many days where I know I just haven’t had enough water.  I’m going to start bringing more water with me throughout the day and make sure I actually drink it.  I had a run the other week that was my first real bad run where I just felt miserable the whole time and had no fun.  After I finished, I realized it was probably in part because I barely drank anything throughout the day.
  4. Remember my rest days- When I first started I was so eager to get into 5k shape that I skipped rest days.  That was a big mistake.  Starting at nothing and working into some intense runs, my body really needed the recovery from rest days. I have been better at taking days off but still get a little antsy so maybe I’ll try to do some yoga on the off days.  Perfect to get me stronger and more flexible at the same time!

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